I’ve never been the one to wait for things. I don’t like waiting. But I’ve found these past three years I’ve waited for everything. Waited for life to go back to normal. Waited for my parents to stop looking at me like I was broken. Waited for the incessant drama of a deranged guy to stop echoing through my life that made me unravel. Waited while friends phase in and out of my life. And here I wait for someone to sweep me off my feet. I’ve always done the sweeping. I don’t want to wait. But I have to. I sit and watch as opportunity flies away from me. He’s with someone else. France and Spain will come later. Your family will love you later. You’ll be better later. This waiting thing is really grinding me down. I wanna buy him chocolates or bring him some Starbucks. Take him out to eat and watch a movie. But I have to wait. I’ve never been one to wait.